The Lastminute Comedy Club @ Whistlebinkies

2013-08-25 Fringe 0011Ian’s Review:

Compere Paul B Edwards (pictured) was an energetic host for an hour of high-quality standup.  Danny Ward kicked off and warmed the room up nicely  – his National Express story rather tickled me.  Alex Edelman’s material overlapped a little with when we saw him at Richard Herrings podcast, but he did some different stuff too – also very funny.  Christian Schulte-Loh may not be welcome in Israel after an unfortunate misunderstanding concerning the Holocaust, but he’s welcome here any time.  Matt Price finished the show, quickly turning a slightly strange audience interaction into a near hostage situation!  His prepared material was funny, and his banter even better.

If this is the standard of show Paul is putting together, I’ll be back next year!


Ruth’s review:

We went along to this compilation show because we had a free hour and it was nearby, and it was excellent!  Four really good acts and we laughed and laughed throughout.  It was nice to see Alex Edelman again and his material varied to a certain extent from his set at Richard Herring’s Edinburgh Fringe Podcast, so that was a bonus.  Matt Price entertained us with some high quality spontaneous audience participation.  Very good.


The Distraction Club – 2

Ruth’s review:

A second attendance at this music comedy compilation show. Brilliant. If I was rating this I would give every single act 4.5*, which is an unexpectedly high standard. I’m not sure how well the Nazi-based Frank Sinatra act (Frank Sinazi) went down with the crowd but I loved loved loved it. Loved Bob and Jim (particularly That’s Not My Gnome) and Johnny and the Baptists was a very funny, charismatic and talented act. Also liked Ria Lina, she’s a terrific singer and her songs are witty and intelligent. It was unfortunate that she singled me out for audience participation to say that I was too prissy and middle class to enjoy her stuff – and I just smiled and sucked it up. That pissed me off – I’d take on anyone in the room in a competition for ‘who likes the most edgy comedy’ and ‘who likes knob gags’ – and I think I’d win both. Ha. Plus we saw Jollyboat and Adam Kay who we have seen and enjoyed before. This is a very good value late night show, and it went on for two hours this time which was awesome.

The very lovely Kirsty Newton

The very lovely Kirsty Newton

Ian’s review:

Absolutely brilliant – really sad that it wasn’t full although I’m not objecting to being able to get half-price tickets.  The house band is brilliant, and I have to confess that the good looks, wit and musical talent of their leader Kirsty Newton is almost enough reason in itself for me to attend!  Each of the band did a number of their own, of a consistently very high standard.  As for the rest, it really was a superfluity of comic talent.  Bob and Jim nearly choked me to death with “That’s not my gnome” (click to watch), and it was great to see some songs from Adam Kay that weren’t in his full show when we saw it (Amateur Transplants: Adam Kay is going for a number 1 – 4.5*).  We got another helping of Jollyboat too – it turns out that their Pirate Pop Songs are still funny fifth time around (we’re not stalking them – they just seem to be at every cabaret we go to!).  Frank Sinazi pushed past the boundaries of good taste for his Sinatra-inspired song 3rd Reich – comic genius.  Rea Lina was also very good, and Johnny and the Baptists brought great energy to finish off the evening.  An absolutely cracking line-up.

There is a part of me that is a tiny bit sad this isn’t the last show of the fringe for us – it would have been great to go out on such a high.  We will DEFINITELY be looking out for this next year, and when we are in London.

Magic Faraway Cabaret – 2

Ruth’s review:

We thought we’d go to a magic show, then it turned out it wasn’t on. So we filled the time with another go at the Magic Faraway Cabaret. As always it was packed out and people were up for it. I particularly enjoyed the act with the light-up hula hoops. The Lip Sinkers were amusing, their Bohemian Rhapsody with torches worked very well. I’d say we were also pretty lucky to get a quick and quirky set from Norman Lovett.

2013-08-24 Fringe 0024Ian’s review:

Highlight: Lip Sinkers doing Bohemian Rhapsody.  Inspired

Also good; Normal Lovett, when you could hear him, the circus girl with the hula-hoops

We’ll doubtless come back to this next year, but this wasn’t the best Cabaret lineup we’ve seen this year, and it was running late so we had to leave early to get to the next show.

The very best of… (at Banshee Labyrinth)

Ruth’s review:

We went to see this compilation standup show because it was in the right place at the right time, and it was quite a place held in a tiny cinema that’d I’d never been to before and must look out for.  Oooh but it was baking hot.  Urgh.  It was fine, I enjoyed it well enough.  The standard varied from alright to pretty good.  I liked the guy who cried about his girlfriend and the last guy whose name escapes me.

2013-08-23 Fringe 0002Ian’s Review

I’m not sure what this was the very best of, but the field must have had fairly slim pickings.  The compere didn’t really manage to get the crowd going, and some of the acts were pretty weak.  This wasn’t the show we expected to see (a last minute change of schedule I think) and I can’t find any trace of a running order online so I have no idea what the names of most of the acts were.  As they were generally unmemorable, that’s no great loss.

The Noise Next Door Comedy Lock In (5*)

2013-08-10Ruth’s 5* Review:

[First 5* review from me!]  Oh, Noise Next Door.  Lovely lovely Noise Next Door.  So very very funny.  In this late night show the Noise Next Door do a bit of improv and have some comedy guests in.  This time Chris Martin and Joe Lycett.  The comedians do a quick bit of standup and then join in with the improv games.  Brilliant, brilliant format.  Works so well and hats off to Noise Next Door for making it appear so seamless.  What this format also highlights is how good Noise Next Door are at their jobs.  Because, obviously, Chris Martin and Joe Lycett were not as good and not as quick and not as witty.  They were out of their comfort zones of course, but good sports and had a go.  Chris Martin in particular was quite good.  But Noise Next Door managed to make themselves look good in comparison, whilst creating a warm and appreciative environment for the other comedians.  Nice guys.  Consummate professionals.  Plus they are hard working these Noise Next Door, doing two shows and all over the compilations.  I like that too.  They deserve lots of success.  And the purple one is hot.

2013-08-10 Fringe 0039Ian’s 5* Review:

I laughed for a solid hour – there’s not much more I can say to recommend a late-night comedy show.  The Noise Next Door did some segments we had seen before, but because they are improvising they were so different it really didn’t matter.  They are so clever with their improv both linguistically and visually that the experience is completely different, and a lively audience in a small, packed room made for a great atmosphere.  Their guests were Chris Martin and Joe Lycett, both of whom did  a few minutes of decent stand-up before getting involved in the improv.  Chris did pretty well, but Joe struggled a bit to be quick enough.  The guests just helped to emphasis how good the Noise Next Door are at what they do.

After disappointing visits to Best of the Fest and Late’n’Live in recent years, this is one of the best ends to a night on the Fringe I’ve had in years!

Silhouette Burlesque (2nd Visit)

2013-08-09 Fringe 0015Ian’s Review:

Another excellent evening hosted by Cherryfox.

Magenta Lust did an excellent fire-eating piece, and Miss Hell’s Belle  wonderfully understated burlesque was brilliant.  Eliza DeLite had a stunning outfit that made her look like some sort of magical butterfly – sensational.

The lineup was completed with Candy Poison doing a captivating piece of performance art, Serena with some exotic belly dancing and Jollyboat once again provided a funny musical interlude.

Ruth’s Review:

Our second time at the Silhouette Burlesque and a largely different and enjoyable line-up.  Jollyboat again, but the rest if the acts were different or did not repeat the same material.  I liked it, I’ll probably go again at some point.

Jodie Prenger Presents… Musical Theatre

2013-08-07Ruth’s Review

This was a compilation show of musical Fringe acts, hosted by BBC at the Fringe.  We saw bits of several different shows ranging from straight folk singing to musical comedy to musical theatre.  Very good.  The highlight was absolutely (title of show) – yes that is their name – who were very very talented singers and their material was tight, quirky and amusing.  It is a musical about writing a musical, which looks like it will be great.  We will also probably try to catch Sarah-Louise Young’s Songs for Cynics.

Luckily for us this show started fifteen mins late (as we arrived fifteen mins late) but it finished on time.  So that was disappointing, I was expecting a full hour.

Ian’s Review

  • Beulah is a folk show, and the songs we heard were very competent, if not really my thing.
  • Adam and Eve the Musical seemed entertaining – I’ll be looking out for that one and might make it along.
  • Emily Rose, Confessions of a Rabbis Daughter seems like it could be a lot of fun too, that is also on my list of things to look out for.
  • Title of Show was brilliant.  The sound reminded me a little of “Rent”, and the vocals were amazing as well as clever and funny.  Tickets booked.
  • Sarah-Louise Young, Julie Madly Deeply Julie Andrews isn’t my thing but she seemed entertaining and had an amazing voice, so we have now planned to go and see her other show “Songs for Cynics”

A good evening, if a little on the short side.  Oh, and who is Jodie Prenger?

A picture of “Title of Show” to finish:

2013-08-07 Fringe 0003