Silhouette Burlesque – 3

Cherryfox singing to Ruth and I

Cherryfox singing to Ruth and I!

Ian’s Review:

A final visit to Silhouette Burlesque for their bumper-last-night-special.  Kim Khaos  started the show (as a panther!), Aurora Winterborn & Poppy La Pilule did a spectacular “drunken sailor” number (loved it!), Sarah ‘Gypsy Charms’ Vernon & Goldilocks Bears did a charmingly weird “hysteria” performance, and Frankii Wilde, Impressive Johnson, Gilda Lily, Serena Bellydance and Calum MacAskill completed the lineup for a great evening of entertainment.  Cherryfox was helped out by co-host Baron Bartholomew Black who I’ve not seen before, but was rather splendid.

The highlight was Cherryfox closing the show with “Dream a Little Dream of Me” which she dedicated to Ruth and I! We’d told her last time that it was the first dance at our wedding, and she remembered.  An extra-special moment since Ruth and I had been together 12 years to the day.  What a way to end the fringe!

Ruth’s Review:

Our third time at Silhouette Burlesque, for their final show.  It was slightly extended, which was great, and the vast majority of the performances were ones we had not seen before so that was also great.  Of particular note, me and my friend K got pulled up on stage for vital roles in one performance (fun!) and Cherry Fox dedicated her final song (Dream a little dream) to me and the husband because it was the first dance at our wedding.  Lovely!  Especially as we had been together exactly 12 years that day.


Magic Faraway Cabaret – 2

Ruth’s review:

We thought we’d go to a magic show, then it turned out it wasn’t on. So we filled the time with another go at the Magic Faraway Cabaret. As always it was packed out and people were up for it. I particularly enjoyed the act with the light-up hula hoops. The Lip Sinkers were amusing, their Bohemian Rhapsody with torches worked very well. I’d say we were also pretty lucky to get a quick and quirky set from Norman Lovett.

2013-08-24 Fringe 0024Ian’s review:

Highlight: Lip Sinkers doing Bohemian Rhapsody.  Inspired

Also good; Normal Lovett, when you could hear him, the circus girl with the hula-hoops

We’ll doubtless come back to this next year, but this wasn’t the best Cabaret lineup we’ve seen this year, and it was running late so we had to leave early to get to the next show.

Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret 2


Ruth’s review:

Another viewing of Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret, and I’m very glad we went as it was mostly acts we hadn’t seen before.  Highlights for me were again the compare Julie Lambrini Jones (so funny), as well as Lucy on the hoop and burlesque act Magenta Lust.  Big shout out in particular to the extremely impressive magician The Great Aziz.  Not only was his delivery seamless but his act involves a number of doves and he really seems to love his doves.  I think it is a nice quality in a man to care for animals and so on.

2013-08-22 Fringe 0020Ian’s Review:

Another great night – Aurora did her delightfully wierd Mars Attacks as well as a pole routine.  Julie cracked me up with her hosting once again.  The Great Aziz was wonderful with his Doves.  Silhouette regulars Kim Khaos and Magenta Lust did routines I’d not seen before and I enjoyed.  I forget the names of the remaining acts, Poppy La Pilule (Ruth’s picture above) was brilliant (with a surprising ending!) and two female dancers (pictured) with a name that related to cats in some way (I forget) were pretty good too.

We got just about the last tickets for this show, and I think the last night is now deservedly sold out, so you’ve missed it for this year!

I can’t wait for the next show – hopefully well before the Fringe next year!

See also the excellent review from our first visit to: Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret

Titty Bar Ha Ha (4* / 4.5*)

2013-08-13 Fringe 0010

Ruth’s 4* Review:

I saw an excerpt from this at The Distraction Club so thought I’d give it a go.  Hope and Gloria work in 1940s club Titty Bar Ha Ha, and in this show we are welcomed into their world.  This is mainly musical comedy with a storyline to hold it together, and quite a lot of filth thrown in.  The story is silly but works pretty well.  But it is the combination of costumes, accent, song and vulgarity that is hilarious and brings it all together magnificently. This show had quite a bit of audience participation and as I was one of the audience that participated this part was particularly awesome.  But the girls are so good I would have much preferred to skip this bit and just hear from them.  The singing was outstanding – lovely voices and lovely harmonies – and a real highlight for me was the mashup of Tainted Love and Bang Bang.  I also loved the kazoo section, and in particular the excerpt from Chess which was surprisingly beautiful.

Ian’s 4.5* Review:

Any show with a riotous kazoo duet of “I know him so well” from Chess (still humming it today) and a spectacular vocal  mash-up of “Bang Bang” and “Tainted Love” is going to be a winner in my book.  Set in a seedy club in WWII, Hope and Gloria mix smutty comic songs with entertaining audience interaction and exposition of their sordid back-stories.  They are likeable and engaging, and this was a nicely put together hour of light-hearted entertainment.  Some of the singing was really quite beautiful, and the characterisations are as charming as they are dark.

Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret

Ruth’s Review:

We have been to see a show at this venue arranged by Aurora Winterborn before, so we thought we’d have a go of her festival show.  I must say it was an extremely enjoyable hour and a half, preceded by a live band.  Really really good value for money at £5.  And the intimate venue and up-for-it crowd created a very good atmosphere.  I thought the compare (Elizabeth Hotson as Julie Jones) was excellent and I enjoyed all of the acts.  Jollyboat for a third time, but their pirate songs are funny and they did a different second song (and they are easy on the eye) so I’m alright with that.

2013-08-10 Fringe 0033Ian’s Review

We’ve been to Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret outside of the festival (We didn’t review it on here for some reason, but it was excellent) so we had high expectations.  We weren’t disappointed.  The line-up was excellent, and the venue is well suited to Cabaret, feeling intimate and friendly.

Eponymous organiser Aurora Winterborn opened the show with some fantastic acrobatics on the pole, and was followed by Daisy Cutter with her “Money Maker” Hip-hop burlesque.    Contortionist Tom Balmont climbed through a tennis racquet (ouch) and Marylynn Ballard did an impressive turn on the aerial hoop.  Oliver MeechBeech brought some magic.  Trixie Passion did a most unusual burlesque performance piece involving Tennants Lager cans, and Jollyboat provided  a funny musical interlude.  This is the third time we’ve seen Jollyboat at a cabaret this fringe – the boys get around a bit! To give them credit, some of the songs are still funny third time around!

The highlight for me was Aurora Galore’s fire act.  I’d already enjoyed her performance at Magic Faraway Cabaret, and the fire act she did here (pictured) was absolutely stunning!

Sukhi Singapora brought glamour to the stage with the closing number, and Julie Jones was the perfect host in her guise as a chav – brilliantly observed and artfully delivered.

An absolutely excellent event, and completely sold out once again.  It only runs Thursday-Sunday, and my advice is to get your tickets now!!!  Unusually for the fringe this show is 90 minutes long and at £5 for a ticket is an absolute bargain. 

(note I don’t star-rate compilation shows as the line-up is constantly changing, but if I did this would be 5*.  The line-up was so impressive I find it hard to imagine Aurora Winterborn putting on a bad night!)

Silhouette Burlesque (2nd Visit)

2013-08-09 Fringe 0015Ian’s Review:

Another excellent evening hosted by Cherryfox.

Magenta Lust did an excellent fire-eating piece, and Miss Hell’s Belle  wonderfully understated burlesque was brilliant.  Eliza DeLite had a stunning outfit that made her look like some sort of magical butterfly – sensational.

The lineup was completed with Candy Poison doing a captivating piece of performance art, Serena with some exotic belly dancing and Jollyboat once again provided a funny musical interlude.

Ruth’s Review:

Our second time at the Silhouette Burlesque and a largely different and enjoyable line-up.  Jollyboat again, but the rest if the acts were different or did not repeat the same material.  I liked it, I’ll probably go again at some point.

Lady Rizo (4.5*)


Ruth’s 4.5* Review:

This isn’t my first time to see the wonderful singer Lady Rizo, she was one of my favourite acts of last year.  My, she has a powerful voice on her.  The show was a combination of old classics, new material and interpretations of current songs.  Lady Rizo is hilarious – she has a lot of presence and is sexy and funny and very physical in her performance.  There was some crossover of material between this year and last year and I don’t think her awesomeness is quite so surprising the second time round.  I also preferred the smaller crowd and weirdness and intimateness of venue of last year, but I’m pleased for her success.

Ian’s 4.5* Review:

Effortlessly captivating – my eyes hardly left the stage for over an hour.  A voice with a huge dynamic range from an intimate whisper to the sort of power that you feel as well as hear.  Self deprecatingly funny.

We saw Lady Rizo for the first time last year and she was amazing then.  She was amazing again this year, and perhaps the only reason that I’m not giving full marks is that some of the material was repeated.

If you like musical cabaret with a bit of comedy thrown in, Lady Rizo is an easy win!