The Noise Next Door on Improv and the Edinburgh Comedy Awards

One of our fringe favourites, The Noise Next Door, has written an article on the exclusion of Improv from the Edinburgh Comedy Awards.  I thought it was really interesting, and I ended up agreeing with their point!

Have a read, and see what you think:

Why do the Edinburgh awards ban improv?


Sugar & Vice – All the guys we’ve never slept with (3.5*)

2013-08-24Ruth’s 3.5* review:

These two lovely ladies tell us about a selection of the guys that they never slept with, through song and chat. I liked the concept and this passed a pleasant enough hour. The performers were both likable and had a bit of charisma about them, but perhaps this could have gone a bit further. More amusing songs perhaps? Tighter harmonies? I found myself comparing them to Titty Bar Ha Ha… and Titty Bar Ha Ha won.

2013-08-24 Fringe 0022


Ian’s 3.5* review:

A charming comedy with a number of good songs, but it felt like it never quite achieved it’s potential.  The idea seems sound, the performers are likeable, and they do a good job of leaving the audience guessing how much is real and how much is just for the show.  It is played up as being a bit shocking, but frankly the content is pretty tame by the standards of what we have seen elsewhere.  Perhaps that unfulfilled promise lets it down.

Milk the laughs (3.5*)

2013-08-20Ruth’s 3.5* review:

I’m sorry to say that the only reason we went to this show was because we tried to go to another one and it was cancelled so we went to the next one starting nearby. However I’m glad we went, it was a decent hour of straightforward standup. Well these three guys manfully played to a small crowd of about ten people, and did a tremendous job. They all seemed like such nice lads – adorable, charming, amusing. They all made me laugh out loud. They all had bits and pieces of material that I loved (blow jobs, Sylvia Plath, otters). I enjoyed the variety in their approaches too which made for a good package. Although I enjoyed it throughout, the middle guy (pictured) was my favourite. His slightly awkward delivery was well timed and hilarious.

2013-08-20 Fringe 0001Ian’s Review 3.5*

A really entertaining hour of comedy.  It felt a bit unpolished, but the combination of likeability, variety and raw talent carried it through.  A perfect Fringe comedy experience, and I’d be delighted to see Henry Perryment, Robbie Ormrod or Mike Hewitson again in the future.


The Mechanisms: Ulysses Dies at Dawn (4.5*)

2013-08-11 Fringe 0002Ian’s 4.5* Review:

A very talented group of performers with a really interesting, different, musical and enjoyable hour of twisted steampunk storytelling.

Last year we saw The Mechanisms: Once Upon A Time in Space which we loved.  This year, the charismatic Johnny DeVille once again leads his band of space-pirates in a musical storytelling feast.  I must confess I supported their IndieGoGo campaign to make a studio recording of this, but I haven’t yet listened to the CD as I wanted to see them live first.  I really enjoyed it – there was a wider range of musicality this year using the voices of all the band members in different ways in different songs.  It was thoroughly engaging, and I was astonished to discover an hour had passed when the show came to an end.   Highly recommended.

2013-08-11Ruth’s 4.5* Review:

Our second time seeing the steampunk space pirates The Mechanisms.  For the second year this was a wonderful hour of spoken word and song – this time with a bluesy feel.  Compelling and interesting songs, great singers, charismatic performances, wonderful costumes and makeup – I absolutely loved the theatrics of it.  Very very good.  If I had a small criticism it would be that I was so taken up with the performance that I didn’t find it wasn’t easy to follow the story.  Or maybe that says more about me than them.  It’s free Fringe but if you give them a fiver you can have a CD of the show – epic.

Magic Faraway Cabaret

2013-08-03 Fringe 0051Ian’s Review:

An entertaining hour of Cabaret, incorporating Burlesque, comedy and music hosted by Dave the Bear at the Voodoo Rooms.  The acts that stood out for me were burlesque dancers LadyWildFlower and Aurora Galore.

I also enjoyed the little bit of comedy we got from from Kate Smurthwaite and may go to see her show if I get the chance.

I will definitely be back to see this again, as it is on every night and seems to have a pretty varied line-up!

Ruth’s Review:

This is a cabaret show with different acts put on by the Voodoo Rooms.  A mixture of music, burlesque and comedy on this occasion.  Very good, very enjoyable and glitzy.  Absolutely rammed full with people.  My personal highlight was the first burlesque act whose dance was mesmerising and looked like fire – I wish I could remember her name.

The Beehive Comedy weekend show (3*)

Ruth’s 3* review:

We had nothing much to do, and after a search of what was available we decided on comedy.  With a choice between paying £15 to see a bunch of comedians we’d never heard of at the Stand, or£7 to see a bunch of comedians we’d never heard of at the Beehive Comedy club… we picked the Beehive.

And in fact the line up turned out to include someone we’d recently seen at the Stand, so I think that justified that there was nothing in the decision but price.

It was a perfectly pleasant evening of comedy hosted by Rick Molland and featuring four other acts.  Nothing outstanding (except the punchline “strap-on Bilbo – hehe) but entirely reasonable in quality, plenty of laughts, and excellent value.  I’m sure we’ll go again.

33 Shows Later – Ian’s Fringe Roundup…

Wow, nearly four weeks and 33 shows later, the Fringe is drawing to a close.  My favourite show was East End Cabaret: Notoriously Kinky but we saw so much great stuff that the next tier is very hard to call.  The full list is below, and everything 4* and above is in bold as it was all excellent.  I’ve also listed my picks for 2013.  This is my note to myself for what I should be trying to book on previews at half price!

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