Brush (4.5*)

Ruth’s 4.5* review:

Brush is a performance art theatre piece for children, from a Korean theatre company.  It combines a story about a young boy and his friendly pig going on an adventure with live music and an amazing set that is created during the performance through the actors painting on great big boards and interacting with them.  There was lots of costumes and weird noises and silliness, but amongst this the piece had an underlying artistic integrity to it as well.

Honestly I just don’t even know how to describe it to do it justice.  It was bizarre, but wonderful.  Here’s a link with a photo in it to give you a flavour.

It was visual, musical and a little bit slapstick.  BabyStevenson was mesmerised and watched for nearly an hour with very little fidgeting.

We grown ups enjoyed it too.  It was fanciful and very odd, and we thought it was just the sort of thing that we would have enjoyed drunk too…

The event was advertised as being aimed at age 2+ but BabyStevenson enjoyed it at 15 months.  I think it would be good for any family that was prepared to sit in fixed tiered seating for an hour.

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