Albert & Friends Instant Circus (3.5*)

CircusRuth’s 3.5* review:

Albert & Friends Instant Circus is a London-based charity teaching young people circus skills.  During the festival period they perform outside at the Botanic gardens.

This was a fun, self deprecating and colourful performance from a group of young people including trapeze, unicycle, juggling, and all sorts of clowning and tumbling.  It wasn’t the most polished thing I’ve ever seen, but that wasn’t really the point of it.

The audience sit on the lawn to watch, mostly bringing their own picnic blankets (and picnics!)

On the plus side the performance is free (they pass a hat round after for donations), the seating arrangements are low-key which is great for kids, the performance is held right next to a casual café with toilets/changing/play facilities, and the Botanics is generally great for an afternoon out.

However the circus itself didn’t particularly hold the attention of BabyStevenson.  Some segments appealed more than others – generally those that involved several kids and had more dramatic music.  I guess he’s not old enough to appreciate the physical and athletic feats being demonstrated.  I also find him a little difficult to wrangle in a ‘picnic’ situation as he’d prefer to be crawling about and eating the grass and leaves.

Saying that we did have a really nice afternoon having watched the circus, crawled and roamed about on the lawn a little after, and then had a walk through the gardens on the way home.

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