Edinburgh’s festivals 2015: Reviewing shows for babies and toddlers

Well we have been having a bit of a reviewing hiatus, due to having an arts attending hiatus, due to now having a 14 month old son.

This year we’re keen to take BabyStevenson along to age-appropriate shows at Edinburgh’s Festivals, but so far it has proved really hard to identify shows that are suitable for babies or toddlers.  It is easy enough to get long lists of kids shows, but then they don’t always state any age guidance and even when they do it is hard to evaluate which are actually going to keep the attention of a baby.

Well I’ve put out a call to my Facebook hivemind and I’ve trawled the various festival websites and I’ve done a bunch of keyword searches and I’ve had a walk down the Royal Mile to get some flyers… so I now have a few starting points and things to try.

I’m hoping to get my ass in gear and review what we go to, in case that is of any help to other parents of little uns.


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