Eh Joe (4*)

Ruth’s 4* review:

We went to see Michael Gambon in Eh Joe, a staging of Samuel Beckett’s play as part of the Edinburgh International Festival.  In this play we see Joe’s reaction to a voice – presumably in his head – speaking to him about his life.

I loved the staging of the play, very visually interesting as Michael Gambon’s face was projected onto a large transparent screen across the front of the set.  It reminded me of Alan Cumming’s Macbeth where Alan Cumming was also displayed on CCTV.  I really liked it.  Gambon never said a word, but his face was hugely expressive.  This was a short play – only half an hour – but it absolutely flew.  It felt like ten minutes.

2013-08-29Ian’s 4* Review

Tonight we saw the Samuel Beckett piece “Eh Joe” at the Lyceum as part of the Edinburgh International Festival. It was really very good, and a very clever adaptation of a television piece for stage making use of a huge projection from a camera focussed on the face of the sole performer, Michael Gambon.  Intense.  Compelling.  The time flew by,


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