Silhouette Burlesque – 3

Cherryfox singing to Ruth and I

Cherryfox singing to Ruth and I!

Ian’s Review:

A final visit to Silhouette Burlesque for their bumper-last-night-special.  Kim Khaos  started the show (as a panther!), Aurora Winterborn & Poppy La Pilule did a spectacular “drunken sailor” number (loved it!), Sarah ‘Gypsy Charms’ Vernon & Goldilocks Bears did a charmingly weird “hysteria” performance, and Frankii Wilde, Impressive Johnson, Gilda Lily, Serena Bellydance and Calum MacAskill completed the lineup for a great evening of entertainment.  Cherryfox was helped out by co-host Baron Bartholomew Black who I’ve not seen before, but was rather splendid.

The highlight was Cherryfox closing the show with “Dream a Little Dream of Me” which she dedicated to Ruth and I! We’d told her last time that it was the first dance at our wedding, and she remembered.  An extra-special moment since Ruth and I had been together 12 years to the day.  What a way to end the fringe!

Ruth’s Review:

Our third time at Silhouette Burlesque, for their final show.  It was slightly extended, which was great, and the vast majority of the performances were ones we had not seen before so that was also great.  Of particular note, me and my friend K got pulled up on stage for vital roles in one performance (fun!) and Cherry Fox dedicated her final song (Dream a little dream) to me and the husband because it was the first dance at our wedding.  Lovely!  Especially as we had been together exactly 12 years that day.


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