Executed for Sodomy: the Life Story of Caterina Linck (4*)

2013-08-25 Fringe 0010Ian’s 4* review:

I saw this get a 5* review in ThreeWeeks and was curious to see how such a complex story could be presented so quickly.  Caterina Linck is a woman who chooses to live as a man in an unforgiving society, and who is ultimately executed for the crime of sodomy.  This three-woman production is extremely intense and presented with great energy and passion.  The audience gets a pencil sketch of Caterina’s life from the courtroom dialog at her trial interspersed with flashbacks to key scenes from her life.  I found this both enjoyable and interesting, but it felt just slightly incomplete – like there was a lot more to explore.  I’m not sure if this has been cut down to 1-hour format for the fringe and lost something in the process?

Ruth’s 4* review:

An extremely interesting play about the life of Caterina Linck  who was born a woman and lived as a man in eighteenth century Prussia, and was tried and executed for various ‘crimes’ relating to this.  A very passionate and intense performance all round.  I think if anything the play would have benefited from being a bit longer as I would have liked to see more depth and I think the story had more to it so it could have stood that.


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