The very best of… (at Banshee Labyrinth)

Ruth’s review:

We went to see this compilation standup show because it was in the right place at the right time, and it was quite a place held in a tiny cinema that’d I’d never been to before and must look out for.  Oooh but it was baking hot.  Urgh.  It was fine, I enjoyed it well enough.  The standard varied from alright to pretty good.  I liked the guy who cried about his girlfriend and the last guy whose name escapes me.

2013-08-23 Fringe 0002Ian’s Review

I’m not sure what this was the very best of, but the field must have had fairly slim pickings.  The compere didn’t really manage to get the crowd going, and some of the acts were pretty weak.  This wasn’t the show we expected to see (a last minute change of schedule I think) and I can’t find any trace of a running order online so I have no idea what the names of most of the acts were.  As they were generally unmemorable, that’s no great loss.

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