Sugar & Vice – All the guys we’ve never slept with (3.5*)

2013-08-24Ruth’s 3.5* review:

These two lovely ladies tell us about a selection of the guys that they never slept with, through song and chat. I liked the concept and this passed a pleasant enough hour. The performers were both likable and had a bit of charisma about them, but perhaps this could have gone a bit further. More amusing songs perhaps? Tighter harmonies? I found myself comparing them to Titty Bar Ha Ha… and Titty Bar Ha Ha won.

2013-08-24 Fringe 0022


Ian’s 3.5* review:

A charming comedy with a number of good songs, but it felt like it never quite achieved it’s potential.  The idea seems sound, the performers are likeable, and they do a good job of leaving the audience guessing how much is real and how much is just for the show.  It is played up as being a bit shocking, but frankly the content is pretty tame by the standards of what we have seen elsewhere.  Perhaps that unfulfilled promise lets it down.


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