Richard Herring’s Edinburgh Fringe Podcast (4.5*)

Ruth’s 4.5* review:

I’ve been working my way through Richard Herring’s podcasts, so was excited to go to the recording of one finally. I wished I’d done it sooner. This was fantastic. Two guests (Caroline Rhea and Barry from Watford) and a standup slot (Alex Edelman). Richard Herring just seems like a nice man, and I really like his interviewing style. What works well for me about these podcasts is that Richard sometimes takes the lead, the guests sometimes take the lead, and consequently the tone and approach can be quite varied. It doesn’t matter if you know the guests or not, you always find out something interesting about them. And I like his ‘emergency questions’ as it is nice to be able to compare what the different guests have to say about the same issues.

2013-08-24 Fringe 0003Ian’s 4.5* review:

I’ve always enjoyed Richard Herring’s main Fringe shows, and this year’s We’re all going to die was no exception.  It was easy for Ruth to persuade me to come and see the recording of his Fringe podcast.  His guest interviews were relaxed and funny, although I didn’t really know Caroline Rhea, and Barry from Watford was just downright weird.  The guest stand-up Alex Edelman was really very good – I wish I had time to look up his show but the Fringe is almost over!

I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this next year.

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