Munch (4.5*)

Ruth’s 4.5* review:

This is how poetry should be done.  Wow.  I would find it hard to fault this except that the venue was a bit cramped and noisy.  This performance was extremely well thought through and performed.  Detailed, pacey, hilarious, varied.  The content was rhythmic and witty and onomatopoeic and it was so well delivered by two charming and talented guys that it was quite mesmerising.  Very good, loved it, but the subject matter is probably not for everyone.

Ian’s Review 4.5*

Absolutely brilliant!

A likeable duo with content varying from prose to poetry and occasionally bursting into song.  Modern, fresh, enjoyable and at times downright hilarious.  I wish I could remember the words of the song they did to the tune of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins, but I was too busy laughing.  Having said all that, the subject matter will not be for everyone – this is about a gay couple’s first foray into the BDSM community!


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