Luke Toulson – I don’t know how I feel about my kids (4*)

Ruth’s 4* review:

We were drawn to come and see Luke because we liked his flyer which described him having to watch his kids in what he considered to be a totally racist amdram production of Miss Saigon. I thought this was a really good, solid hour of standup. It was varied and wide ranging in terms of material but at the same time well constructed and well delivered. Luke was likeable and consistently amusing.


2013-08-24 Fringe 0021Ian’s 4* review:

We saw a flyer for this show that was actually quite funny, so we decided to come along.  This is an enjoyable if fairly low-key autobiographical standup set.  It’s funny, clever, and in places painful – I don’t know if his schoolboy love letters were genuine or artfully recreated but in either case they were good fun!  Another name I’ll be looking out for next year.  If his kids haven’t lynched him by then!


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