Milk the laughs (3.5*)

2013-08-20Ruth’s 3.5* review:

I’m sorry to say that the only reason we went to this show was because we tried to go to another one and it was cancelled so we went to the next one starting nearby. However I’m glad we went, it was a decent hour of straightforward standup. Well these three guys manfully played to a small crowd of about ten people, and did a tremendous job. They all seemed like such nice lads – adorable, charming, amusing. They all made me laugh out loud. They all had bits and pieces of material that I loved (blow jobs, Sylvia Plath, otters). I enjoyed the variety in their approaches too which made for a good package. Although I enjoyed it throughout, the middle guy (pictured) was my favourite. His slightly awkward delivery was well timed and hilarious.

2013-08-20 Fringe 0001Ian’s Review 3.5*

A really entertaining hour of comedy.  It felt a bit unpolished, but the combination of likeability, variety and raw talent carried it through.  A perfect Fringe comedy experience, and I’d be delighted to see Henry Perryment, Robbie Ormrod or Mike Hewitson again in the future.



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