Meta-Reprogramming with Christopher Stewart (3.5*)

Ruth’s 3.5* review:

We didn’t particularly intend to go and see Christopher perform this spoken word session, but it was on at the right place at the right time.  Christopher gave us a lecture on metareprogramming to seduce the ladies.  I found it hilarious, I reminded me of Claudia O’Doherty’s lecture on soil erosion that I saw two years ago.  As soon as it started I wanted to text my friend E and tell her about it, she would have loved to have been there.  Well I laughed a lot, and enjoyed the audience participation.  I thought it was a clever idea and Christopher dealt well with the spontaneity required of the concept.  Afterwards, the session turned into a bit of a workshop where the audience chatted with Christopher about developing the idea.  What a nice, interesting guy he is.  We were then treated to a bit of original poetry.  This show was absolutely not polished, and it wasn’t the best thing I have seen so far, but 40 shows in it absolutely made my Fringe with its raw potential and the opportunity to get a bit involved.

2013-08-22 Fringe 0025Ian’s Review 3.5* 

This show It took place in a bizarre, mostly empty venue.  It started late.  This show was unscripted, unpolished and hastily rewritten.  It had all the hallmarks of disaster.  That’s OK with me.  I want to see different, interesting and experimental things on the Fringe, and frankly if you want to push the limits you’re going to see some crap.

I shouldn’t have worried.  Christopher was engaging from the outset, and the idea of an ironic lecture on meta-reprogramming is very clever.  The combination of slideshow and part-improvised audience interaction worked really well – so much so I had no idea he had rewritten the show in the hours beforehand!  Of course, if you go tomorrow you might see a completely different version, but I’m pretty sure it will still be good!  In complete contrast, he shared a haunting poem he had written about his grandfather.  The combination of poet, intellect, engaging manner and an eye for the absurd means and I think that as he becomes more confident in his material he could be truly dangerous!

I’ll definitely be looking out for Christopher Stewart next year, and if you’re looking for something exciting and different to round off your fringe, I’d really encourage you to look him up in the PBH Free Fringe programme!


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