Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret 2


Ruth’s review:

Another viewing of Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret, and I’m very glad we went as it was mostly acts we hadn’t seen before.  Highlights for me were again the compare Julie Lambrini Jones (so funny), as well as Lucy on the hoop and burlesque act Magenta Lust.  Big shout out in particular to the extremely impressive magician The Great Aziz.  Not only was his delivery seamless but his act involves a number of doves and he really seems to love his doves.  I think it is a nice quality in a man to care for animals and so on.

2013-08-22 Fringe 0020Ian’s Review:

Another great night – Aurora did her delightfully wierd Mars Attacks as well as a pole routine.  Julie cracked me up with her hosting once again.  The Great Aziz was wonderful with his Doves.  Silhouette regulars Kim Khaos and Magenta Lust did routines I’d not seen before and I enjoyed.  I forget the names of the remaining acts, Poppy La Pilule (Ruth’s picture above) was brilliant (with a surprising ending!) and two female dancers (pictured) with a name that related to cats in some way (I forget) were pretty good too.

We got just about the last tickets for this show, and I think the last night is now deservedly sold out, so you’ve missed it for this year!

I can’t wait for the next show – hopefully well before the Fringe next year!

See also the excellent review from our first visit to: Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret

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