The Vacuum Cleaner (2* / 3*)

2013-08-13 Fringe 0003Ian’s 2* Review:

Ruth won free tickets to see this show billed as “No set. No costumes. No celebrities… especially NO Keira Knightley. Not even endorsed by Dyson. The worst show you will see at the fringe…probably!”.  My experience of the show was that it felt surreal, abstract, and at times just plain revolting (don’t ask).

The cast get credit for delivering an intense experience, and it is certainly bold and different.  Acknowledging that this is a different type of theatre they say “You’d trust this if it was at The National Theatre”.  I don’t know if that’s true, as I trust my own judgement to know what I like and what I don’t, and I didn’t like this.  I am totally unqualified to judge surrealist theatre, and it is entirely possible this will be hailed as a work of genius and put on at The National Theatre one day.    I will not be buying tickets if that happens.

Ruth’s 3* Review:

The vacuum cleaner is ‘absurdist’ theatre from a young theatre group called Ferodo Bridges.  I’m afraid I have very little experience of absurdist theatre so I find it hard to know how to judge this.  It was interesting, it was awkward, it was weird and sometimes uncomfortable.  It felt quite exposing at times, both for the audience and the performers.  There was a clever bit about the National Theatre, and I loved the Liverpool FC song. Overall I quite enjoyed it.


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