Jollyboat (4.5*)

2013-08-13 Fringe 0001Ian’s 4.5* Review:

We’ve already seen Jollyboat three times at Cabaret shows, and since the one or two songs that we’ve heard repeatedly have remained funny we thought we’d give their full show a go.  This Free-Fringe show is in a dark nightclub crudely converted into a performance space. The production uses string-and-gaffer-tape props, and the sound is a bit dodgy to say the least.  None of that really matters though.

The Jollyboat brothers have a brilliantly terrible collection of puns, all put to good use converting well-known songs to comic ditties.  They opened with the now-familiar pirate puns medley (yes, still funny a fourth time) then proceeded to romp through songs based on Star Wars, the bible and Craig David’s Seven Days.  Their Disney Princesses song is sufficiently obscene I fear it may have permanently polluted my mind, and whilst I may have groaned at the “keyboard shortcuts” song, I was grinning inside.  To top everything, they finish by parodying one of their own songs!!!

Clever, funny, self-deprecating and hugely entertaining.

Ruth’s 4.5* Review:

Jollyboat are a pair of brothers who sing amusing songs.  Well I have seen Jollyboat in three compilation shows this year (so far) and once last year… so it was about time I saw the whole thing.  It was a bit of a worry that I might have seen their best material already.  But no!  A terrific show, I thoroughly enjoyed it from end to end.  Even the pirate pop songs medley was funny the fourth time round.  Jollyboat are decent singers but this isn’t an obviously polished act.  But I wouldn’t want it to be – the personalities of the brothers is part of the charm.  Loved the song about female comedians, loved the love song / puns song.   All of the songs were funny, and surprising, and very clever.  And they even parody one of their own songs.  Which is genius.  This is free Fringe and if you give them a fiver you get a CD of the songs.  Lovely.  Oh, and there is some partial nudity which does no harm.


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