(title of show) (4*/3.5*)

Ruth’s 4* Review:

A musical about some people writing a musical, and their journey to Broadway.  It had wonderful elements to it in that it was postmodern, tongue in cheek and the singing was outstanding.  It was a musical lover’s musical, with a few bits and pieces of references in there.  Some of the songs were catchy, I’m still humming ‘I’d rather be nine people’s favourite thing than a hundred people’s ninth favourite thing’.  But somehow the whole thing lacked a bit of emotional connection and depth that might have made me love it more.

2013-08-10 Fringe 0001Ian’s 3.5* Review:

We saw a couple of songs from Title of Show at a BBC event a few nights ago, which inspired us to come and see the full show.  The show is a meta-musical which is about the writing of the musical itself.  Quirky and entertaining, the musical performances are excellent but only the song “9 people’s favourite thing” which we had already seen is really memorable.

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