The Noise Next Door Comedy Lock In (5*)

2013-08-10Ruth’s 5* Review:

[First 5* review from me!]  Oh, Noise Next Door.  Lovely lovely Noise Next Door.  So very very funny.  In this late night show the Noise Next Door do a bit of improv and have some comedy guests in.  This time Chris Martin and Joe Lycett.  The comedians do a quick bit of standup and then join in with the improv games.  Brilliant, brilliant format.  Works so well and hats off to Noise Next Door for making it appear so seamless.  What this format also highlights is how good Noise Next Door are at their jobs.  Because, obviously, Chris Martin and Joe Lycett were not as good and not as quick and not as witty.  They were out of their comfort zones of course, but good sports and had a go.  Chris Martin in particular was quite good.  But Noise Next Door managed to make themselves look good in comparison, whilst creating a warm and appreciative environment for the other comedians.  Nice guys.  Consummate professionals.  Plus they are hard working these Noise Next Door, doing two shows and all over the compilations.  I like that too.  They deserve lots of success.  And the purple one is hot.

2013-08-10 Fringe 0039Ian’s 5* Review:

I laughed for a solid hour – there’s not much more I can say to recommend a late-night comedy show.  The Noise Next Door did some segments we had seen before, but because they are improvising they were so different it really didn’t matter.  They are so clever with their improv both linguistically and visually that the experience is completely different, and a lively audience in a small, packed room made for a great atmosphere.  Their guests were Chris Martin and Joe Lycett, both of whom did  a few minutes of decent stand-up before getting involved in the improv.  Chris did pretty well, but Joe struggled a bit to be quick enough.  The guests just helped to emphasis how good the Noise Next Door are at what they do.

After disappointing visits to Best of the Fest and Late’n’Live in recent years, this is one of the best ends to a night on the Fringe I’ve had in years!


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