Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret

Ruth’s Review:

We have been to see a show at this venue arranged by Aurora Winterborn before, so we thought we’d have a go of her festival show.  I must say it was an extremely enjoyable hour and a half, preceded by a live band.  Really really good value for money at £5.  And the intimate venue and up-for-it crowd created a very good atmosphere.  I thought the compare (Elizabeth Hotson as Julie Jones) was excellent and I enjoyed all of the acts.  Jollyboat for a third time, but their pirate songs are funny and they did a different second song (and they are easy on the eye) so I’m alright with that.

2013-08-10 Fringe 0033Ian’s Review

We’ve been to Aurora Winterborn’s Candid Cabaret outside of the festival (We didn’t review it on here for some reason, but it was excellent) so we had high expectations.  We weren’t disappointed.  The line-up was excellent, and the venue is well suited to Cabaret, feeling intimate and friendly.

Eponymous organiser Aurora Winterborn opened the show with some fantastic acrobatics on the pole, and was followed by Daisy Cutter with her “Money Maker” Hip-hop burlesque.    Contortionist Tom Balmont climbed through a tennis racquet (ouch) and Marylynn Ballard did an impressive turn on the aerial hoop.  Oliver MeechBeech brought some magic.  Trixie Passion did a most unusual burlesque performance piece involving Tennants Lager cans, and Jollyboat provided  a funny musical interlude.  This is the third time we’ve seen Jollyboat at a cabaret this fringe – the boys get around a bit! To give them credit, some of the songs are still funny third time around!

The highlight for me was Aurora Galore’s fire act.  I’d already enjoyed her performance at Magic Faraway Cabaret, and the fire act she did here (pictured) was absolutely stunning!

Sukhi Singapora brought glamour to the stage with the closing number, and Julie Jones was the perfect host in her guise as a chav – brilliantly observed and artfully delivered.

An absolutely excellent event, and completely sold out once again.  It only runs Thursday-Sunday, and my advice is to get your tickets now!!!  Unusually for the fringe this show is 90 minutes long and at £5 for a ticket is an absolute bargain. 

(note I don’t star-rate compilation shows as the line-up is constantly changing, but if I did this would be 5*.  The line-up was so impressive I find it hard to imagine Aurora Winterborn putting on a bad night!)

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