The News at Kate 2013 (3.5*)

2013-08-09 Fringe 0013

Ruth’s 3.5* Review:

Kate Smurthwaite has had a fascinating career participating in ‘arguing with idiots’ on TV shows.  During this hour, Kate talks about and demonstrates her profession.  And it is really extremely interesting, I very much enjoyed hearing about what she does.  Kate is funny and it was a very coherent and well performed show.  There was two things about it I’m not so keen on but I think it just pushed my buttons and may not do so for others.  To be fair in combination they only amounted to about six lines in the whole show.  One is Tory-bashing without a joke behind it.  That’s just lazy comedy.  There was plenty of Tory-bashing material that did contain jokes and clever observations, so really Kate had no need to lower herself to this.  The other is that I hate it when comedians tell a joke and then tell the audience they are clever for getting it.  I find that patronising and generally – like explaining a joke – it spoils the pleasure of getting it.  And yes I got the joke about maths and the joke in Latin.  Yes even though I went to a state school and was never taught Latin.

Ian’s 3.5* Review:

We saw Kate Smurthwaite briefly at Magic Faraway Cabaret the other week and we decided to check out her full show.  It’s an entertaining political stand-up routine with an unashamedly left-wing take on the world, and was consistently entertaining and clever.  A solid performance, if a little bit “Radio 4”  – I’m looking for something a bit edgier in Fringe shows.

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