Jodie Prenger Presents… Musical Theatre

2013-08-07Ruth’s Review

This was a compilation show of musical Fringe acts, hosted by BBC at the Fringe.  We saw bits of several different shows ranging from straight folk singing to musical comedy to musical theatre.  Very good.  The highlight was absolutely (title of show) – yes that is their name – who were very very talented singers and their material was tight, quirky and amusing.  It is a musical about writing a musical, which looks like it will be great.  We will also probably try to catch Sarah-Louise Young’s Songs for Cynics.

Luckily for us this show started fifteen mins late (as we arrived fifteen mins late) but it finished on time.  So that was disappointing, I was expecting a full hour.

Ian’s Review

  • Beulah is a folk show, and the songs we heard were very competent, if not really my thing.
  • Adam and Eve the Musical seemed entertaining – I’ll be looking out for that one and might make it along.
  • Emily Rose, Confessions of a Rabbis Daughter seems like it could be a lot of fun too, that is also on my list of things to look out for.
  • Title of Show was brilliant.  The sound reminded me a little of “Rent”, and the vocals were amazing as well as clever and funny.  Tickets booked.
  • Sarah-Louise Young, Julie Madly Deeply Julie Andrews isn’t my thing but she seemed entertaining and had an amazing voice, so we have now planned to go and see her other show “Songs for Cynics”

A good evening, if a little on the short side.  Oh, and who is Jodie Prenger?

A picture of “Title of Show” to finish:

2013-08-07 Fringe 0003

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