The Boy With Tape On His Face: More Tape (4.5* / 5*)

IMG_1421Ian’s 5* Review:

We picked this after seeing a few minutes of his act at the Pleasance Press Launch in 2012, and loving it.  Although the performance this evening included everything we saw a year ago it added a whole lot more.

How anyone can be so magnificently, exuberantly expressive with a piece of gaffa tape across their mouth is a mystery to me.  His power of mime is simply awesome, especially the way he involves audience members on stage.  He also projects a warmth not usually associated with mime – which makes him very likeable.

The show is basically a comedy, and it is remarkable to me how he manages to incorporate conventional comedy techniques such as set-ups and call-backs without saying a single word.

This show is a really clever piece of work.  It has a “feel good” warmth about it as well as keeping me laughing throughout.  My first 5* of the festival this year.

(The “2 for 1” performance tonight was packed to the rafters – I’ve never seen Pleasance Grand so full!)

Ruth’s 4.5* Review:

He’s a boy.  He has tape on his face.  He does stuff.  Funny stuff.  With household objects.  Everyone goes on about his guy and I’d never got my ass into gear to see him before so we made an effort to do so this year.  The venue was huge, and rammed.  Quite right too, he was very very good.  Very funny and amazingly charismatic given he didn’t say a word in an hour.  Loved the ending, wonderful and very visual.  I think this show would appeal to anyone it is good clean fun.

One thought on “The Boy With Tape On His Face: More Tape (4.5* / 5*)

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