Susan Calman: A Work in Progress (3.5*)

2013-08-04 Fringe 0019Ian’s 3.5* Review:

It seems that Susan Calman is a woman with two sides.  For Radio 4 she is the acceptable face of lesbianism, a politically savvy scot who me may shock the News Quiz audience, but that says more about them than her.  Then there is “Comedy Club Susan”, full of shouting, swearing and filth.  There aren’t many who can pull that off!

I’ve heard Susan on Radio 4 many times, so I wanted to see what her show was like.  I expected to see more of the “shocking” side coming though, but this show was aimed squarely at a clean-living Radio 4 type audience.  I really enjoyed it, and she had me in stitches a few times.  I particularly enjoyed the musical interlude where she sung about the difficulties of being of limited stature, and thus below the eyeline of tall people.  As a tall person in the front row this song was aimed squarely at me.  I appreciated the point she made about being given more consideration, but I also liked her idea that perhaps she could carry a little flag so she wasn’t so easy to trip over…

This show will appeal to a wide audience and really is very entertaining,  but it’s left me to make a note in my diary to see her in a “shouty comedy club Susan” mode sometime soon!

Ruth’s 3.5* Review:

Susan says she has several different audiences including Radio 4 listeners and Jongleurs audiences. This show was a bit Radio 4 and I’m more Jongleurs. She seems lovely, I like what she’s doing, but I prefer more edgy stuff. That isn’t what this was, but what it was was good. It was a lovely hour, very nicely observed and well delivered comedy. I particularly enjoyed her song about social media.

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