Slightly Fat Features (4*)

2013-08-02Ruth’s 4* review:

An interesting one, this one. A straightforward low brow cabaret show with singing and juggling and the like. But, not so straightforward too. I liked it enough for what it was, it was visual and amusing and it passed the time quickly. The guys were likeable and engaging and I’d like them to be my uncles. My friend went on stage and we laughed at him. But it was more, too, a very slick parody of sorts. Not quite spot on, scripted mistakes carefully woven in and very self deprecating. Silly and cheap in places. Odd choices of acts and props. Not the sort of thing middle aged men should be doing. Awkward. Brilliant. A song and dance routine about hot beans which was both technically excellent and almost embarrassing. I thought it might have been genius.

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