Silhouette Burlesque

2013-08-04 Fringe 0028Ian’s Review:

The gorgeous Cherryfox, resident diva from Kabarett (which we enjoyed last year but isn’t on this year), is running her own cabaret this year with many faces that will be familiar to Kabarett regulars. so we came to see the first night and check it out.

Silhouette Burlesque is, as the name suggests, focussed on Burlesque with occasional interludes of musical comedy.  The first night lineup consisted of Kim Khaos,  Eliza DeLite, Diva Hollywood, Vendetta Vain,Minnie Melons & Jollyboat, and of course hostesses Cherryfox and Magenta Lust.  The show was fantastic, with some stunning burlesque performances, a spectacular whip show and comic songs from Jollyboat.

The standard of performance was excellent and I do like the idea of Burlesque in a former church, but it is a big space and it slightly lacked the atmosphere I’m used to in smaller venues.  I don’t know if that is the venue, whether it’s attracting a different audience, or if it’s just that by the end of the first Sunday of the fringe everyone is feeling pretty jaded.  I know that I was quite tired for this, my 16th show of the fringe so far this year!

Given the standard of the acts Cherryfox is booking I’ll definitely be back to see more and I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested in seeing some top-notch Burlesque!

Ruth’s Review:

A compilation show of burlesque and cabaret acts at the Tron church. A good range of burlesque. It made me happy that one of the songs performed was the first dance from our wedding (dream a little dream) and I also very much enjoyed some pirate-based song parodies from Jollyboat.

(Note that we don’t generally give star ratings for compilation shows as the acts will be different each night)

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