Captain Morgan and the Sands of Time (3*)

2013-08-04 Fringe 0022Ian’s 3* Review:

“Two actors. One musician. Forty-four characters. Captain Morgan and First Mate Hammond quest for the secrets of time travel in a rip-roaring pirate adventure comedy”

A silly romp which does exactly what it says on the tin.  The story has all the depth of a deflated paddling pool but it is enthusiastically presented with some good jokes, farcical physicality and plenty of pantomime style good fun.  The audience for the performance we saw went beyond “the seats are full” into “standing room only” and finally “sit on the floor at the front” (where we ended up) and everyone seemed to have a whale of a time.

If you’ve had your fill of high-brow stand-up and pretentious student theatre “re-imagings” this might be just the antidote you need!

Ruth’s 3* Review:

Captain Morgan is a pirate searching for the sands of time and the gift of time travel. This comedy play was acted by two young guys with no set, and a musician on the side. It was well done and the actors put a lot of energy into the performance – they were very physical which led to some entertaining moments. The place was packed out and we had to sit on the floor, and most of the people there were in hysterics. It was extremely well received. Overall I thought it was alright. It was pretty good, if a bit silly, but that’s fine.

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