The Boss of it All (4.5*)

IMG_1356Ian’s 4.5* Review:

I was interested by the idea of this play when I first heard about it:

“Kristoffer, an out of work actor, has been hired for an unusual job; to stand in as the boss of a failing company. Soon the target of an angry and obsessive staff team, Kristoffer finds himself being pulled deeper and deeper into a bizarre new reality.”

I work with a number of different management teams in my day-to-day life, so I was fascinated by the idea of a clever play on the subject.  I was not disappointed.  This is a really insightful piece, exploring the responsibility of management, the natural desire of managers to be liked, and the consequences of these often opposing tensions.  I loved it, and I will be thinking about some of the messages (or warnings!) from this for a while!  The fact it achieves this in a light-hearted, entertaining and frequently comic script is a great testament to the ability of the writer.

Strong performances from an ensemble cast and beautifully clean staging are the icing on the cake.  Very highly recommended.

Ruth’s 4.5* Review:

A play about leadership and what happens when a company needs to take some difficult business decisions and communicate them to the staff.  But this is no ordinary workplace, as it turns out no-one knows who the boss of it all actually is.  It was a simple concept – nothing too complicated or distracting, and in that sense it felt very Scandinavian (along with the set and lighting which also felt in keeping).  And it was funny, and engaging, and well acted.  But the ideas in it will be well recognised by anyone who has ever been a manager at work: it is easy to be a great boss as long as you don’t have to take any actual responsibility.  Saying that, it wasn’t serious or anything.  Very entertaining, very good, would have a broad appeal.

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