Pleasance Press Launch 2013

Ruth’s Review:

We always try and catch the press launch if we can, as a good compilation show to see the best that the Pleasance has to offer.  It is in the morning (urgh) but worth getting up for.  I enjoyed it, but this time I wasn’t inspired to see anything new as a result.

Ian’s Review:

An early start for the Pleasance Press Launch at 11am was just about worth it.

The show opened with Gecko Theatre, which was strange but fascinating – I’d like to see more!  I loved the silhouette dancing in particular:

2013-08-03 Fringe 0002

The show was hosted by Joe Lycett who did a competent job.  I’d be glad to see him again but I don’t think I’ll go out of my way to book his show:

2013-08-03 Fringe 0004

Blam is a silent physical theatre piece that looks pretty good.  I particularly liked the aerial view they presented for a while:

2013-08-03 Fringe 0007

Slightly Fat Features brought juggling, music and a little bit of magic to the stage.  They brought a good deal of clowning too, with a pleasant self deprecating style.

2013-08-03 Fringe 0010

Colin Hoult’s impressions didn’t really do it for me:

2013-08-03 Fringe 0005

Nick Helm closed the show with his high energy, shouty, angry standup and an a song.  I love his stage presence and energy, but I don’t know if it would grate in his hour-long show:

2013-08-03 Fringe 0024

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