Distraction Club

2013-08-04 Fringe 0010Ian’s Review:

This show is a compilation of musical comedy acts, hosted by Mitch Benn, whose work I know from Radio 4’s “The Now Show”.  His band (including the lovely Kirsty Newton) provide the backbone of the show, with a large number of special guests bringing their own talents to the stage.

I particularly enjoyed seeing Titty Bar Ha Ha, who were hilarious and get a lot of points for their kazoo work.  My favourite has to be The Noise Next Door who came along to perform a couple of songs from their show Soundhouse (4*)(which we have already seen).  The late night audience were much more up for shouting out ideas for improv than when we saw the show, and the boys did a fabulous job with some challenging topics.  We were quick to volunteer Ruth to be the recipient of the boy-band-ballad, and so she had her moment of fame on stage (pictured).

I really enjoyed this – I love the idea of a musical compilation show and I may well be back.

Ruth’s Review:

The Distraction Club is a compilation show of musical acts, brought to us by the Voodoo Rooms.  They have a resident act and bring in special guests – this evening Titty Bar Ha Ha and the Noise Next Door.  Titty Bar Ha Ha were good, be enjoyed the kazoo section in particular.  We’d seen the Noise Next Door already this week but as they do improve it is always a bit different.  Very amusing suggestions.  And I was on stage being sung to for one of the songs which was awesome fun.  Ah, love the Noise Next Door.  Especially the purple one, yum.  Very enjoyable, lots of laughs.  Although to be fair it was after midnight so we were probably quite drunk.

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