Creative Martyrs: After the Apocalypse (4* / 4.5*)

2013-08-03 Fringe 0049

Ruth’s 4.5* Review:

The Creative Martyrs are involved with a post-apocalyptic cabaret show.  Things need to be taken in hand.  This mainly involves singing and playing the cello.  Not my first time at the Creative Martyrs, I enjoyed them very much last year.  These guys have a lot of presence and a genuine musical talent.  Basically they are weird.  Something about the combination of their look and their music and their subject matter.  It is amusing, but that’s not the appeal.  They are quirky and odd and it works brilliantly.  Liked the bit about the goat.

Ian’s 4.5* Review:

Another brilliant performance from an act with so much stage presence it’s almost scary!  The Creative Martyrs offer a really dark, sinister cabaret of funny songs interspersed with entertaining audience participation.

After last year’s excellent show from the Creative Martyrs: An Hour Long Sinister Wink (4.5* / 5*), I was really looking forward to seeing what they had to offer this year and it lived up to my expectations.  Once again this is one of my  picks for anyone looking for something thoroughly different on the Fringe!

I will probably be back to see it again before the festival season is over…

One thought on “Creative Martyrs: After the Apocalypse (4* / 4.5*)

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