Boris & Sergy II: Perilous Escapade (3*)

Boris & SergyIan’s 3* Review:

This show is beautiful.  The leather puppets are gloriously weird and full of character.  The performance is captivating,  the movements of the puppeteers balletic with an intensity is at times disconcerting.

The story follows the two central characters on a journey through the underworld.  Perhaps I missed the point because I didn’t see the other show to which this is a sequel, but for me the narrative just didn’t work.  I found it quite hard to keep track of, and not worth the effort when I did.  Some of the sequences within it seem to drag, and could perhaps be cut.

There is clearly huge potential for the concept and the team to be brilliant, but I just didn’t quite get it.

Ruth’s Review:

There’s a certain kind of puppet that I find creepy and sinister, the ones that don’t speak directly or don’t have features or are operated by people who you can see but are not part of the puppet itself and do not interact with the puppet other than operating it. This hit all of my pain points. I’m sure it was very good, but I just don’t get it. I don’t feel in a position to rate this one. Shudder.

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