Aidan Goatley is On the Mend (3.5*)


Ruth’s 3.5* Review:

Aidan Goatley is a stand-up (and pet store manager) from Brighton who has recently recovered from mental health problems.  Aidan seems like a decent guy, this was a very warm and amusing show.  In his act he tells us about his journey and how the films of Jason Statham got his through it.  I liked what he’s done here – his story is funny and poignant and honest, without getting too preachy or dark.  It is good to talk about this stuff, and I think comedy is a positive way of raising awareness about what it is like to have mental health problems.

Ian’s 3.5* Review:

We’ve had good experiences of the Voodoo Rooms free fringe shows in the past, and Aidan has done nothing to dent this.

Mental health is always a challenging subject for comedy, and while the narrative of this charming stand-up is built around Aidan’s experience of depression it didn’t feel challenging to enjoy.  He is very candid about some of his experiences, disarmingly so at times, and his honesty and openness are really refreshing.

A really likeable comedian who I will be looking out for in the future!

One thought on “Aidan Goatley is On the Mend (3.5*)

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