East End Cabaret: Dirty Talk (4*)

2013-08-02 Fringe 0003Ian’s 4* Review:

East End Cabaret was one of the highlights of the Fringe for us last year, so we were really looking forward to seeing this year’s show.  It was a good performance and entertained throughout.  For me however, it was ultimately a big let down.  There were very few of the songs that made last year’s show so great, and at least two of the songs were recycled.  Instead we got more comic interplay between Bernadette Byrne and Victor Victoria, which was amusing but lacked the sharp, gut-wrenching pathos of the previous show.  My expectations may have been too high and certainly the friends we were with enjoyed it, but for me it just didn’t have the magic.  A solid 4*

Ruth’s 4* Review:

My favourite act of last year, Bernie and Victy put on a cabaret show with filthy songs and banter. Most amusing and clever and a very high musical standard. I love the characters – Bernie with her sensual confidence and Victy with her sweetness and likeability and creepy stalkerish adoration of Bernie. Good, but I would have liked to see more songs.


One thought on “East End Cabaret: Dirty Talk (4*)

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