The Noise Next Door: Soundhouse (4*)

The Noise Next DoorIan’s 4* Review:

This is either the third or fourth time we’ve come to see the Noise Next Door, and it’s the only improv comedy group that we keep coming to for more.  This year’s show was really very good, although there were a couple of slightly contrived sections in the middle.  The “Soundhouse” theme works well, and the players are  energetic and weirdly diverse in their approach.  The only disappointment was a rather cold audience that wasn’t really up for throwing out the required suggestions.  We helped where we could.  Penguin.

Ruth’s 4* Review:

The Noise Next Door are a group of five guys who do improvised comedy and music. Of the improv I’ve seen these guys are my favourite – straight down the line without pretention or studentyness, just consistently good. We’ve seen them a couple of times before. This year the Noise Next Door’s show has a broad narrative based in a fictional cabaret show and the sketches are made up around the people that work in the theatre. I thought as a concept it worked extremely well, I really liked that a lot. The performance was solid – perhaps not the best I’ve ever seen, but I’d put that down to the audience suggestions more than the act itself.

2 thoughts on “The Noise Next Door: Soundhouse (4*)

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