Richard Herring: We’re All Going to Die (4* / 4.5*)

Richard HerringIan’s 4.5* Review:

A great start to the Fringe, Richard Herring’s show is a clever and irreverent monologue on the subject of death.  His delivery is fast-paced but feels surprisingly spontaneous given how well orchestrated the show is.  He covers everything from the afterlife to his own fears, punctuated with quotations from the Bible, Shakespeare and nursery rhymes.  A very funny hour, and sufficiently thought provoking that some of it will keep coming back to me and making me smile!

Ruth’s 4* review:

The subject for Richard Herring’s 2013 show is death, and he wants to see if there is a funny side. Richard is a prolific podcaster and I’ve been working my way through this year. Given I listen to him on my ipod most days it was pretty exciting to see him again in person. As always I enjoyed his delivery, he has a nice engaging manner and I’m always impressed by the volume of material that he packs in. It feels concurrently scripted, spontaneous and emotionally varied, like a dramatic monologue. I was familiar with quite a lot of the material already either from his podcasts or his Metro column, but that was OK it feels nice to have been exposed to the creative process. I liked it. It was good, it was funny. I love the sly mix of childish humour and complicated concepts. But in my opinion not quite as focused as some of his other work.

2 thoughts on “Richard Herring: We’re All Going to Die (4* / 4.5*)

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