Claudia O’Doherty: Pioneer (4*)

2013-08-01 Fringe 0003Ian’s 4* Review:

Ruth saw Claudia last year and loved the show, but this was my first time.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Claudia has a rather wonderful energy and presence, which she combines with a slightly surreal approach to comedy…  I’m not going to spoiler the show, but it has a really creative theme and I loved it.  It’s great to see something completely different from any format I’ve seen before!

Ruth’s 4* Review:

Completely coincidentally I’d scored free tickets to see Claudia O’Doherty the last two years and enjoyed her stuff, although it has been very very weird character comedy before. Last year Claudia was nominated for a big an award and (I suspect as a consequence) she’s packed out a fairly big venue. I was a bit unsure how that might go down as I really did not think her show would have a broad appeal. Well, this year Claudia’s show was a narrative about herself (or a character of herself) which I think made it much more accessible whilst retaining the integrity of the original with the same confident / awkward delivery. It had a wonderful sadness and desperation running though it, it was pathetic and complicated. Painful to watch. Dry. Funny. It was very very well done. With great SFX.

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