Amateur Transplants: Adam Kay is going for a number 1 (4.5*)

Adam KayIan’s 4.5* Review:

Adam Kay’s format is very straightforward and not exactly original.  He stands behind a piano and sings versions of popular tunes with humorous lyrics.  Any lack of originality in the format is more than compensated for by brilliant execution!  He is not afraid to push the limits of good taste, and his links between songs are slick.  My amusement level was consistently at “grin” with regular excursions to “laughing out loud”.  It peaked with a few moments of “tears in my eyes” and even one “I nearly choked”.  Very highly recommended for all but the most easily offended!

Ruth’s 4.5* Review:

I saw Adam Kay last year and enjoyed his show so thought I’d go back. Adam sings and plays the keyboard, changing the lyrics to popular songs. This year the theme was Christmas and the stage was all decked out with lights and a tree. Adam is a great performer, I think best described as sardonic but very likeable. His songs are funny and usually offer a little bit more than the usual parodies with clever wordplays, unexpected twists and interesting ways of taking advantage of the music to enhance the phraseology. The Spandau Ballet one was genius. I think that this show would appeal to a lot of people and I really couldn’t fault it, other than to say that there was more crossover with his last show than I would have liked and I expected to see more new material.



2 thoughts on “Amateur Transplants: Adam Kay is going for a number 1 (4.5*)

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