Some Pre-Fringe Recommendations

East End Cabaret, Fringe 2012

East End Cabaret, Fringe 2012

It’s too early for reviews as the Fringe hasn’t officially started yet, but tonight is the first night Pleasance Courtyard is open and as usual I will be there with friends for a beer or two, and to see my first shows of the year. Based on what we saw last year and have seen elsewhere we already have some shows booked or pencilled in, so I thought I share what they are by way of recommendations for anyone looking for things to see on previews (Thu/Fri) or 2 for 1 (Mon/Tue), or just for entertainment over the weekend:

A note on star ratings to assist with the above, and our reviews when they start coming out.  We are tough graders…

  • 1* = Dreadful, probably offensive without any artistic merit, walked out, will avoid anything by the same people, waste of money
  • 2* = Poor effort.  Glad when it ended.
  • 3* = Enjoyed it, would recommend to others
  • 4* = Really very good, will actively look for other shows by the same people, highly recommended
  • 5* = Absolutely excellent – would really like to go straight back in and see it again!  A rare accolade.

We sometimes give half points, and sometimes the two of us will give different scores!


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