The Mating Ritual (2.5*)

Ruth’s 2.5* review:

We went to see The Mating Ritual which was advertised as a piece of theatre cabaret. I found it disappointing, but then I was expecting something with a bit more… artistic integrity. It was just silly and contrived. Like someone made it up in their bedroom. A happy interlude to the nonsense was a song about Jimmy Saville which was dark and witty and had a strong message.


Kink Bijou (4.5*)

2013-06-13Ruth’s 4.5* review:

Kink Bijou was a great evening. Burlesque and dance and live music, including some extremely creative uses of cheese and cream. Overall it was a particularly high standard of performance, I really enjoyed all of it.

Special shout out to Tom Harlow for his extended performance Pour Homme, itself a mixture of boylesque and dance and music. Stunning stunning stunning. He has a beautiful voice, he’s a lovely dancer, and the piece was coherent and interesting. Very dark, very complex, very heartfelt. Painful, exhilarating, angry, exciting. I was captivated throughout. Loved it.