The Beehive Comedy weekend show (3*)

Ruth’s 3* review:

We had nothing much to do, and after a search of what was available we decided on comedy.  With a choice between paying £15 to see a bunch of comedians we’d never heard of at the Stand, or£7 to see a bunch of comedians we’d never heard of at the Beehive Comedy club… we picked the Beehive.

And in fact the line up turned out to include someone we’d recently seen at the Stand, so I think that justified that there was nothing in the decision but price.

It was a perfectly pleasant evening of comedy hosted by Rick Molland and featuring four other acts.  Nothing outstanding (except the punchline “strap-on Bilbo – hehe) but entirely reasonable in quality, plenty of laughts, and excellent value.  I’m sure we’ll go again.

Derren Brown: Infamous (4*)

Ruth’s 4* review:

It would be unfair to say too much about Derren Brown’s show, as doing so spoils things for those that have not been to see it yet.  Indeed, during the show Derren asks the audience not to reveal anything about the content.

As always, Derren was a mesmerising performer – interesting, funny, self deprecating and hugely charismatic.  I felt that in this particular show we saw more personality – a bit more about Derren’s self and his childhood along with some life affirming principles to live our lives by – and that only added to the warmth of the thing.

I’ve seen Derren Brown live several times and this was maybe not the most spectacular or visually astounding thing I’ve ever him do, but it was still impressive and it was still lovely.

Really enjoyed it.