King’s Theatre: Translations (3.5*)

Ruth’s 3.5* review:

A theatre week for us, this time a play called Translations.

I enjoyed it.

It was set in gaelic speaking Ireland back in the day before the potato famine when a bunch of English soldiers were making a new map of the country and standardising the place names. It was all about the culture clash, with a bit of love and family drama thrown in. Most interesting though, the complicated issues surrounding cultural history and legacy, and what should be held onto and what should be let go of.

As relevant in Scotland as it is in Ireland.

Kings Theatre: TranslationsIan’s 3.5* review:

I actually really enjoyed this – it was an interesting and insightful glimpse into cultural conflict where everyone starts out meaning well but communication is difficult and the balance of power is ultimately skewed. I quite liked that the twists and turns of the plot kept reframing the whole situation, but some of the characters and scenes felt a bit contrived to move the plot along.


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