Itsy’s Kabarett: A Parade of Peculiarity (4.5*)

2013-04-12Ruth’s 4.5* review:

We went down to Itsy’s Kabarett A Parade of Peculiarity at the Voodoo Rooms. We’d been to a few of these during the Fringe, so we were excited to be able to go outside August. It was really good, we enjoyed it lots. It was a high standard all round.

Pictured is George’s Marvellous Magic, he did some pretty gross stuff involving blood and nails and an electric drill.

Other acts were Aurora Winterborn, La Loco, and Rachel Renegade.

The highlight for me though was Miss Annabel Sings, what a strange and painful and dramatic and grotesque and fabulous piece of performance art. It was the Fringiest thing I have ever seen, the sort of thing that people expect the Fringe to be all about but actually it usually isn’t. Talculm power was involved, the whole thing smelled lovely.


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