The Full Monty (4*)

Ruth’s 4* review:

I’ve seen the film of The Full Monty of course, and I didn’t know how this would translate to the stage and whether it would be a cheesy thing playing up to a bunch of screaming women.  Well the screaming women were out in force, but the play really did capture the heart of the original.  It didn’t take itself too seriously, but nor did it lose its point. There was a lot of warmth in it, and humour, and pathos.  The set was wonderful – mainly a factory but subtly and convincingly changed to a few other locations.  There was a good cast – whoever was the kid, he was really good (sorry can’t find out which of several actors he was).  There was Craig Gazey who is from Coronation Street.  And Kenny Doughty who is Sean out of Stella.  He’s a lovely looking guy, so that was a treat… especially as they went the *full* full monty.  Yes.  No hats.  Not just bums.  Willies everywhere.

This is on its way to the West End now I believe, so look out.


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