Red Raw (4*)


Ruth’s review:

Well I loved everything about Red Raw at The Stand comedy club, it has been far too long since I saw any ‘risky’ standup comedy.  And I love it risky, there is something awesome about not knowing whether it is going to be brilliant or awful.

This show was split over three sections, the first two being 10 minute slots from a bunch of standup newbies, followed by a work in progress section from the lovely Ro Campbell (who we have seen before during the Fringe).

Some of the young uns (and the not so young, young uns) were shaking like leaves, it was really quite endearing.  And several of them were actually good.  Some dodgy moments from one or two, but nothing to embarrassingly dreadful.  I didn’t take their names, but if I go again (and I will go again) I’ll try to remember to do so as I like to follow the decent ones and see what becomes of them.

Mondays.  £2.  Bargain.


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