Lyceum: A Taste of Honey (3.5*)


Ian’s 3.5* Review:

A Taste of Honey is a 1950’s play that must have been cutting edge for its time.  Issues of race, sexuality, gender, generation gaps and class are explored, predominantly in the confines in a single flat.  I suspect that what modern audiences see in it is very different to those that saw it first.  Then it must have been shocking, bringing almost taboo subjects to the stage.  Starting a conversation that large parts of society weren’t ready for.

It still makes for an entertaining play, and I enjoyed watching it, but I came away just slightly unsatisfied.  I can’t quite put my finger on why.  Perhaps it felt a little insubstantial – plots that were once shocking are now much less so.  Perhaps the slightly pantomime nature of some of the performances, with unnatural breaks in the fourth wall, distracted from the story. Maybe a bit of both.

Ruth’s 3.5* Review:

I enjoyed watching this, it was compelling and kept my attention, but I don’t think I really ‘got’ it.  And I really couldn’t say why.  I guess I didn’t feel any emotional connection, or really any empathy, for any of the characters.  Which is a shame because I suppose they were having a tough time of it with their 1950s problems.


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