99 Comedy Club, Leicester Square (4*)

Storm 99 Club Comedy Leicester SquareIan’s Reviews:

We decided to go to a comedy club at the last minute, and it proved to be a very entertaining evening.  I didn’t get the name of the compere, although he did a good solid job.  We’d been attracted in by Rob White who we saw at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011, but the others were good too.  I was slightly worried that being on Leicester Square this would be more of a tourist trap than a real comedy club, but I’d definitely come back if I found myself at a loose end in London again.

Robert White (5*)

We first saw Robert White at Late’n’Live at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010 (pictured here) and we loved him!  In fact, he kicked the ass of bigger name acts in that notoriously lively venue.  We then went and saw his own show, which was also outstanding, and he was our “Discovery of the Year” for that year’s festival.  Seeing he was on the bill for this gig is what made us come along.

He didn’t disappoint.  His comedy is insightful, his wordplay obscure but spot on, and while he is certainly outrageous it is never gratuitously so.  He cleverly pushes the boundaries of good taste and social acceptability without stepping over the line to offensiveness.  His delivery is fast-paced and at physical and at times physical, musical, satirical and whimsical.  If you were to look back through this blog you’d see that I don’t give a lot of 5* for comedy (the only one at this year’s Edinburgh Festival was for East End Cabaret) but this was an easy decision.

Sadly when I spoke to Robert after the show, it seems like he won’t be coming to the Edinburgh Fringe again this year as he doesn’t have the cash to promote himself, and the big venues are promoting fewer new acts in the current economic climate.  That is Edinburgh’s loss – it’s a real shame that we’ll miss out on having talent like this in the festival for economic reasons.

P.S. If you saw the show and found it spoiled by the oversized clot in the red jumper who was dragged up on stage, my apologies.  That was me.  We hadn’t booked, and for some reason the only unreserved seats were in the middle at the front…

Inder Manocha (4*)

Inder’s set is built around the fact that he is often called an “ethnic” comedian, although with his middle class background he doesn’t really feel the shoe fits.  This underlying theme was for me the week point of a well-delivered set with some nicely barbed observations and clever word play.  A very solid performance, and I’d be glad to see him again.

Kerry Godliman (3*)

Funny, but more “constant smile” than “laugh out loud”.  She got rather distracted by the (admittedly strange) laugh of one of the audience members, which didn’t really help.

Ruth’s 4* Review:

At very short notice we were lucky enough to spot that Robert White was doing a comedy gig (on second out of three) near where we were, so we thought we’d take a look.

Robert White, what a guy.  Love love love him since we saw him at the Fringe 2010 and unfortunately have not seen him since as he’s not been back, so that was a real treat.  There is something so endearing about his manner and delivery, even though the content of his act is quite filthy and does rather tiptoe around the margins of acceptability.  Which is just the way I like it.  Brilliant.  We were not disappointed.

We also saw Inder Manocha who I liked enough, but he annoyed me because his jokes were all about ‘political correctness gone mad’ and he singled me out as the only person in the audience who thought political correctness was a good idea.  Well he didn’t change my mind, and in fact I didn’t disagree with what he said so his approach to it just annoyed me.  He wants people to acknowledge that he can look Asian and be middle class at the same time.  And for me that’s what political correctness is about – NOT making assumptions.  So there.

The last act was Kerry Godliman.  She seemed like a nice girl.  I remember laughing at her jokes, but the act hasn’t really stuck with me.


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