Christmas at the Lyceum: Cinderella (4.5* / 4*)

Ian’s 4.5* review:

This evening we went to the Lyceum to see their Christmas show – Cinderella.

I really enjoyed myself – sharply enough observed to amuse semi-grown-ups like us but still managed to be suitable for children.  A lovely modern take on a traditional tale, written in such a way that I forgot I knew the story.

The ugly sisters were appropriately horrifying, the evil stepmother was suitably crazy, and Cindarella was effortlessly charming.  I can see why a prince would fall for her!

The set was rather spectacular – I’m not going to post spoilers for those who haven’t seen it, but it felt like a big production!

This gets 4.5* from me for being fun, sharp, entertaining, funny, beautifully presented – all the good things that a Christmas show should be without the cheesy crassness of pantomime.  Brilliant.

Ruth’s 4* review:

A new take on Cinderella, set in Paris against a backdrop of succubuses (succubi?  Well either way, evil love-sucking demon ladies presented in a child-friendly way) and reality TV.

Cinderella was lovely, all pretty and pure and good.  I rooted for her and her potential romance with the very very sweet Boy.

The Wicked Stepmother was truly wicked and the ugly sisters were a weird combination of TOWIE and Weegie, which was totes scary and very funny in places.

The standout performance for me was Prince, star of his own reality TV show, who was very very cheesy and absolutely hilarious.

Overall it wasn’t the best singing I’ve ever heard but it was fine, the set was quite impressive, and the whole thing was very original.  I think the Lyceum does an intelligent take on panto which is enjoyable for kids and grown ups, and I would really recommend it.